"Nothing happens unless first a dream."
-Carl Sandburg

is the art
of seeing things invisible.
-Jonathan Swift

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
-Walt Disney

is not an emergency.
-Thomas Merton Brightman

"It is our duty to proceed as though the limits of our abilities do not exist."
-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

"Perhaps the most valuable result of all education is the ability to make yourself do the thing you have to do, when it ought to be done, whether you like it or not."
-Walter Bagehot

"Vision is not enough. It must be combined with venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps, we must step up the stairs."
-Vaclav Havel

"One of the best ways to persuade others is with your ears – by listening to them."
-Dean Rusk


Why Does Your Company Exist?

Successful companies fund complete strategies rather than discrete projects.

Some of the Problems:

  • No shared 'Story' for on-going focus
  • Less than honest communication--reality lacking
  • Declining creativity and less risk-taking
  • Speed of light change leaves company out of cope
  • Ignoring that being connected means technology
  • A belief that organizations automatically evolve
  • S-P-O-T-S®! Strategic Plans On The Shelf

The Brightman Process® Solution:

  • Clarify the leadership vision
  • Share, don't impose, the mission
  • Put forth a believable, achievable ‘Mission Statement’
  • Operate in congruence with the vision and mission
  • Earn trust and inspire action
  • Foster associative thinking, seeing connections that other's don't
  • Teach good people to make tough choices
  • Create authentic stakeholders
  • Consciously select, organize and charge teams
  • Know that strategy dictates IT, not vice versa
  • It's quality of information that counts, not quantity
  • Create the degree of freedom necessary to effect change

Walk the Talk and Reflect Reality
The reality of today's marketplace will not tolerate rationalization or retrenchment. The U.S. is no longer a low-cost producer in the global economy and the speed and breadth of modern communication requires honesty or demise--there are few niches left to hide. Creativity is crucial for survival. Today, the fast eat the slow as surely as the big eat the small, yet there must be time made available for clear strategic thinking. In order to complete the cycle of viability and profitability, open communication must extend beyond employees to customers, suppliers, community and society in general — all of a company’s sustaining publics.

Are You Watching What's Important?
It's a fact that planners perform better and produce more profit than non-planners. Corporations that spent the most on IT between 1995 and 1999 more than doubled their annual rate of productivity growth. Beware of complacency. There are no black out dates in the life of a successful business. Yesterday's cash cow can turn into today's cash drain. No matter how effective your niche has been to date, there are niches within niches awaiting discovery. There is power in reflection. Look at the full moon.

Be Prepared to Sacrifice What You Are for What You Can Be
The ultimate strength of a plan is its ability to adapt. A plan is limited. Planning is unlimited. Written plans provide management the freedom to exclusively focus on crises situations. Preplanning puts into place foundations for coping with most any eventuality. You cannot begin to plan after a crises has emerged, there's just to much to do and too little time to do it at that late date. A vision without a plan is blurred at best, blind at worst .To be all that a company can be, requires knowing what and when to sacrifice, often at a moment's notice. Peter Drucker reminds us that, "All one can think and do in a short time is to think what one already knows and to do as one has always done."

What's the Effect of 'The Treadmill of the New Economy' on You
It is getting harder to make a living and have a life in this age of opportunity and unprecedented prosperity, according to Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor. The new economy is demanding that people work longer hours. Forty-percent of American adults get less than seven hours of sleep on weeknights.These same people are saying that they want more balance in their lives. Putting in more than 50 hours a week at the office has become routine --and that doesn't count paperwork at home, answering e-mail at a hotel or airport, or phone calls in the car. How does one come up with creative ideas when overworked, overtired, and stressed out?

The paradox is that this economy demands more of you, at the same time providing less secure income. There is little cushion between individual working people and the market. With innovation now the leading competitive strength, creativity is crucial for anyone who wants to move up.We help you to project the impact of trends such as these upon your business, employees, suppliers and family.

Seldom Do People Or Businesses Grow by Accident
More people are necessarily free agents. Income increasingly depends on how much you hustle. If you are not on the fast track, the new economy punishes you. People are more on their own and they feel the pressure. Implicitly, in the new economy, if you want more you have to work more. Today's technology makes "all work and no play" a real possibility. Strike a profitable yet healthy balance of work and play that sustains motivation.

"Great Things are Not Done by Impulse,
But by a Series of Small Things Brought Together"
-- Vincent Van Gogh
As with visual art, so it is with the art of business. It's just that people are now your palette. Blending human potentials into a canvas that amazes is an art, not a science. Owners and managers are artisans of persuasion. Every stroke counts. Every person matters. Bring out everyone's best colors. Embrace a vision that enlivens. Employees achieve high levels of performance when they feel that they are genuine stakeholders in the business plan.

Find Your "Story" and Tell It
There is a path waiting for you. It is a path of awe and wonder that rekindles imagination. This path leads to re-creation of visionary identity. It forms a picture in the mind and heart of every member of an organization. Everyone knows where the company is going, what it is dedicated to doing, and why the company exists. Breathe new life into your mission. A company's visionary story is its invisible, invincible leader.

What Are You Waiting For? Your Next Identity Crisis May be Near.
How much of your future are you willing to leave to chance? Take a new "whole" look at how trends impact your personnel, your vision. Is your culture, your shared values, still achieving goals or is it beginning to show signs of self-defeating behavior? Are you and your people growing in ways that are relative? Are you willing to boost creativity?

Your Story Is Worth Telling!

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