"What's your next step, my friend? If you know, tell me quickly so that I may adopt your method with all speed."
-Albert Einstein

"Only those who dare to go too far can possibly find out how far one can go."
-T.S. Eliot
"The moment
you stop learning,
you stop leading.
-Rick Warren

"Be open
to outcome,
not attached
to outcome.
-Angeles Arriens

"Losing an illusion makes you wiser than finding a truth."
-Ludwig Borne

"Take my assets, but leave me my organization and in five years I'll have it all back."
-Alfred P Sloan

"Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. The fearful are caught as often as the bold."
-Helen Keller

"However beautiful your strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."
-Winston Churchill


Ask Brightman Associates About
More Creativity for the Business, Better Prospects for the Individual

Expand leadership skills, develop people, strengthen communication.

Have Some People Problems?
Get rid of the problems, not the people. Unnecessary turnover is very expensive. Attracting capital and acquiring technology is easy compared to motivating people to continually do their best. Teach people to embrace core values that make things better for the customer and the company. When employees create customer value by doing things that they believe to be right, not just doing what works short-term, they form invincible companies. Slow down long enough to prepare and position the right people in the right places in the right ways at the right time.

How Can You Afford All the Skills You Need, When You Need Them?
Having the right talent mix in place is especially critical for family owned and newly emerging businesses. Otherwise, how will the company remain viable for the long term? How will you sustain growth using only family or founding talent? How will you groom family members for the right roles? When do you reach outside the family for special ability? How do you integrate non-family managers into the company? How does a newly emerging business afford all the skills it needs, when it really needs them? Ask about our Incubator Retainer®.

Good Business Begins with Insight into Human Motivations
When searching for top talent, every leader will trust the wrong person at least once. Improve the odds of getting and keeping the right talent. People are available. Today's worker has an average of eight jobs and three careers in a lifetime.Our insights will help you to model, identify, hire, train, motivate, promote and retain the best available talent-family and otherwise.

The Brightman Process® Solution:

  • Hire, train, motivate and retain the best
  • Recognize that communication is value
  • Create core trust and produce loyalty
  • Quickly re-establish people's identity when their roles change
  • Identify the best family career paths
  • Expand the best talent from within
  • Attract the best brains from without
  • Complete the Quentin Fleming family business questionnaire.
  • Clear some of the restraining family baggage
  • Voluntarily explore succession planning to foster preparedness

Energize Your Value Chain: People, Suppliers, Customers and Profits
Fueling the future requires many sources of energy. BAI has enhanced individual and organizational viability by implementing processes that identify talent, clear communication and catalyze creativity. We begin by learning what motivates everyone in your business. Then, if needed, we help to identify and attract complementary talent from outside the owner family. In particular, we know how to translate family baggage into positive outcome. At some point, your family systems dynamic will surely collide with today's rapidly emerging business systems. Deal with family baggage or risk destroying the company past the founding principal's tenure.

Stop Learning and You Stop Leading
One threat facing a family run company is that the founder may not nurture or seek out others with the skills needed to complement the family leadership. It requires a different set of skills to manage a mature company than it does to begin an entrepreneurial one. "Listen to everyone. Ideas come from everywher." Insight from Tom Peters. Over-dependence on the founder and failure to plan succession limits potential for growth, leadership continuity and market value in the event of sale, merger or death of the principal. When a family business has the courage and foresight to integrate new perspective, we can identify positive synergy between family and business systems. Question the unquestionable so you can skip last minute surprises. We address present and future viability for the family business..

Make Knowledge So Available that It Can't be Avoided
Nurture emerging talent and fresh ideas as impetus for profitability. We introduce processes that permit superb communication between all personnel. Woe to the leader who begins from the premise that it's best to keep people in the dark. Without trustworthy information from the leader, people use their imagination to fill in the blanks. In the absence of information, people believe the worst. When people start making up their own visions for the company due to lack of reliable information, focus fades and profits plunge. Be a living message of the company's guiding principles.

Recognize the Warning Signs of Trouble Ahead
Author, Quentin J. Fleming, "Keep the Family Baggage Out of the Family Business", developed a self-administered questionnaire for a family business to identify seeds of destruction. He asks family businesses to photocopy the assessment and have several people at a company complete the profile. This is a very telling way to see the breadth of issues that face a family business. You can take the profile electronically at: Quentin limits his practice to Southern California, but encourages the use of his assessment tool as a service to family businesses everywhere.

A Lifetime of Work Will Change Hands--Let's Think about it Together
There is an enduring adage that the first generation builds it, the second spends it and the third loses it. This is not inevitable. It is true, however, that the third generation is the most difficult to attract into a family business, and that is why Brightman’s assistance with generational transitions is so valuable. We assist all generations to grow the strategic vision, to integrate new thinking into evolving business models and to dare to reach out for complementary talent. It may be unsettling to know that only 30% of family owned business survives to the second generation--10% to the third generation.

Give Yourself A Strategic Sanctuary®
Most founders go through post entrepreneurial depression just as superb athletes experience acute postgame depression. The very traits that served so well in getting their company off the ground can bring them and their organization down. It isn't easy leading a business. Our processes assist you to thrive by being a Strategic Sanctuary® where you can reflect, renew emotional resources and recalibrate your intuitive compass.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."--Albert Einstein

Breathe New Life into Your Company
In the long run, effective leaders confront their own shortcomings and thereby remain the leader the organization most needs. BAI never underestimates the importance of your special knowledge, we just add to it in ways that exceed your expectation. We assist you to focus on the right things, in the right way, at the right time. Get just what you need, when you need it and at a price you can afford. When you need lots of expertise, but not lots of experts, call Thomas at 443-986-6005..

"None will improve your lot, if you yourself do not."--Bertolt Brecht

Life Is Not an Emergency; It's an Opportunity!

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