"Each man's life represents a road toward himself."
-- Hermann Hesse

"To be what we are, and to become what we are capable of becoming, is the only end of life."
-- Robert Louis Stevenson

"The person who knows "how" will always have a job. The person who knows "why" will always be a boss."

"We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same."
--Carlos Castaneda

"To set up what you like against what you dislike —this is the disease of the mind."

"Sayings remain meaningless until they are embodied in habits."
--Kahlil Gibran

"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."
--Carl Rogers

"If you want to be happy, be."
--Leo Tolstoy

A New Way to Create Value,
Leadership Certification


Go below the surface. Gain insight equity into the depths of people, communication, and relationship. Leadership and managing value is not just about the numbers, it's knowledge leverage.

Leadership Mentoring Certification® is a three-phase management empowerment program, an experience of unlearning. As in the above photo of an iceberg, there is more below the surface than above in people, communication and leadership.

Our leadership training is a process of distributing ageless vigor and distilled wisdom. It creates a deep understanding of needs, values and leadership style as intertwined and interactive. Learn about your unconscious choices that confine you.

"Learning is not compulsory. Neither is survival", says W. Edwards Deming, a celebrated consultant.

Learn what we do to meet our prepotent needs; why we do what we do because of our core values; and, how we seek to influence others with a leadership style that is a mixture of our needs and values. Discover the high price paid when the meeting of needs is not congruent with core values--when leadership is inauthentic and people know it. Prevent flameout. You do not have to burnout in jobs, careers or personal relationships.

We'll describe what, up to now, has defied you.
Certification is comprehensive and produces life long insight and skill. You may achieve certification as an individual working on your own to improve career prospects and life strategies or as a manager of a client company that offers "Leadership Mentoring Certification" as management training and employee benefit.

You can narrow the gap between potential and performance, intention and communication. All three phases of certification are structured so as to meet the time frames available to an individual or management team. Graduates will have strategies and action plans for more effective intra-personal, inter-personal, personal-functional and personal-societal relationships. You will discover and become prepared to overcome individual and organizational failure patterns.

Get the Knowledge You Need to Lead.
There is power in self-knowledge. Upon graduation, you will be better prepared to capitalize on your strengths, modify your behavior, blend your style with others and elevate your self-esteem. Only when someone knows more about you than you know about yourself that they can take advantage of you. Learn how to minimize energy drains. Power up your self-motivation. Unleash energy. Add options to your futures.

'Failure Training' can be exceptionally productive. Failure, getting something less than you expected or desired, when processed to extract its hidden value, is prime preparation for success. Look at the bankruptcies of Walt Disney and other success stories which were preceded by failure. Life is a great teacher, especially when one emerges from significant emotional events with expanded beliefs that become the foundation for success. No one succeeds at everything. Everyone succeeds at something. Turn failure into emotional and financial well being. Get the knowledge you need to lead, whatever the source of that wisdom.

PHASE I: NEEDS Motivated Behavior
Your Personal Profile will assist you in understanding and accepting self and others. You will master a very pragmatic framework for viewing human behavior and motivation using DiSC®. You will greatly increase knowledge of your own unique behavioral tendencies. You'll learn to choose environments which ensure greater personal success, bypassing self sabotage. Discover more choices. Misery is optional!

PHASE II: VALUES Motivated Behavior
Your Values Profile graphically illustrates 'values' as a hypercritical factor in shaping all human action and self-esteem. You use your values system to make daily judgments about everything at work and at home: people and relationship, products and tasks, issues and problems, events and goals. In the first ten seconds that you meet a person you make a minimum of 30 judgments. In fourteen seconds you have made up your mind about that person. It can take two years to undo these spontaneous judgments. Remember the adage about "first impressions"? Learn how to withdraw damaging projections and increase the accuracy of your insight. Learn the TiCS® values language.

Your values system consists of the standards and principles upon which you base life choices. This personal values system is the basis for many of your responses and actions throughout life. With certification, you will develop practical strategies for resolving value conflicts in all aspects of personal and professional life.

The IMPACT® leadership profile identifies the modes of influencing which you use to influence individuals and groups. You will learn the environments in which your influencing style will most likely meet with success. With certification, you will more effectively match and adapt your leadership style. People are not born leaders, they evolve leadership styles amidst the tension of meeting needs and evolving values. What leaders are ask to do is often quite different from what they are already trained to do. Emerge from certification able to make conscious choices about your impact on others.

CERTIFICATION: Experience Unlearning
In any organizational setting there are three common strategies available. You can: 1) modify yourself, 2) modify others, and/or 3) modify the environment or technology. The only strategy you can be fairly certain of is the first of thesechanging self. The most authentic leadership style is your very own blend of what you do to meet your needs; why you do what you do due to your core values; and how you choose to impact others as your values and needs blend in the mix of life. Unlearn trite leadership recipes. Find the leader inside. Set it free! Be aggressively authentic.

Your self-esteem can skyrocket
. Certification in this program teaches you to differentiate between and make choices about ever linked, needs-driven and values-driven behavior. It is our values-needs, pull-push that is at the core of self-esteem and leadership style. Self-worth is 10% of self-esteem. Self-respect is 90%. Self-Respect is determined by knowing your values and acting upon them consistently, not by meeting needs spontaneously, then paying with self-contempt afterwards. At your point of choice, choose respect.

People Can Make an Organization GO!, or STOP!
With certification you will dramatically increase knowledge of self and others. You will have flexible templates for living and managing more effectively. You will be able to change yourself, make transitions, match people to jobs, build teams, increase performance, improve sales and enhance customer satisfaction. What you learn in this process will apply as effectively to your home environment as to your work world. Ask us about our Strategic Sanctuary®.

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